We encourage you and your family to have regular health screenings and schedule an annual wellness visit with your healthcare provider to review the results and discuss any necessary follow up. Getting flu shots and regular screenings for cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure may increase the likelihood of a longer, more productive life.

In an effort to promote a healthy workplace and strive to keep everyone’s cost for health care coverage affordable, the City of Woodstock will continue the TargetCare Wellness plan along with its current participation requirements. The City of Woodstock highly recommends that every employee participating in the City of Woodstock’s medical insurance also plan to participate in the Clinical Health Assessments (CHA). For those of you who participate in the CHAs, the cost of your healthcare premiums will be less than those who do not participate. The reward for participation in the wellness program is $75 per month.

Important Changes to our Wellness Program The City remains committed to keeping rising medical costs at a minimum while encouraging our employees to live healthier lives. Starting with the 2020 Plan year, upon completion of your biometrics you will receive a baseline score that will be explained to you by your TargetCare provider. If your score is 81+ threshold, you will need to improve the score you receive by 5% in order to earn the wellness discount for the 2021 plan year.

Clinical Health Assessment

NEW HIRES!  In order to receive the wellness discount, you must complete your CHA participation no later than 30 days from your medical insurance enrollment effective date:

  1. Complete the Clinical Health Assessments (CHA)
  2. Review your CHA results with a TargetCare provider
  3. Follow the Right on Target Guidelines throughout the year per your risk level
    • Extremely High Risk: Once every 4 weeks
    • High or Borderline High Risk: Once every 8 weeks
    • Above Normal Risk: Once every 16 weeks
    • Optimal or Normal: Not required; optional

CHA Safety Checklist

Please note that if your Risk Score is above the 80 threshold, your health coach will discuss the RAS (Reasonable Alternative Standard) program during your first health coaching visit.  During this time, you will need to either agree to enter in a RAS program or opt out.  If you decide to opt out, you will not be compliant with the program and therefore would lose your wellness incentive.

To complete your Clinical Health Assessments (CHA), go to https://targetcare.hp.deerwalk.com (Do NOT put www. in front of the web address as it will not take you to the correct site).

TargetCare Health Portal Instructions

Click the ‘Register’ button on the top right of the page. You only have to register once.

  1. Register by completing your full name as it appears on your medical insurance ID card, as well as providing a current email address to verify
  2. Your group code is: CoW (this is case sensitive)
  3. Your username will be the email address that you provided during registration

To schedule the review of your CHA results with a TargetCare provider, go to www.appointment.com/tccow.

Tobacco Cessation

As the City of Woodstock strives to improve the overall health and wellness of its employees and the impact it will have on the cost of healthcare, the City of Woodstock currently offers a tobacco free discount of $75 per month for employees that are tobacco free.
In order to receive the discounted rate on your premiums, you are required to complete an affidavit stating that you are and have been tobacco-free for the past 90 days. This tobacco-free affidavit is to be completed on the BeneTrac Enrollment System. Please note that you will need to complete and submit the affidavit to receive the discounted rates if you are a non-tobacco user and wish to ensure non-tobacco rates.

For questions, please contact Human Resources @ (770) 592-6007.
If you feel you are unable to meet any of the wellness program requirements to earn the wellness reward/avoid the tobacco surcharge, you may be able to earn the reward/avoid the surcharge by alternative means. Please contact TargetCare for additional information.

Gym Membership

City of Woodstock employees are eligible for a free membership to Gold’s Gym which provides free group fitness classes at their facility located on 301 Gold Creek Trail off Highway 92. Each instructor brings you World Class programming from Les Mills. For more information, please visit www.goldsgym.com/gyms to find out more about the group fitness classes.

Go Pivot

The City of Woodstock is proud to offer a wellness and rewards program through GoPivot. Complete activities and challenges throughout the year and you’ll get rewarded with points that can be redeemed in the online rewards mall, which has hundreds of gift cards and millions of merchandise items. In conjunction with TargetCare initiatives, this program is a helpful guide to support you in achieving your wellness goals, and rewarding your initiatives to live well. Register for an account today to start earning points!

  • Go to www.healthywoodstock.com or download the GoPivot app in the App Store or google Play.
  • Enter Promo code (mobile app only): Woodstock
  • Enter your User ID, which is the first letter of your first name, and your entire last name.
  • Enter your password, which is your eight-digit date of birth (MMDDYYYY).

For more information regarding GoPivot and how their program works, please watch this program demo.  Questions? Email support@gopivotsolutions.com


HealthJoy is an Employee Benefits resource that is available to you and your entire family to help you use your benefits to the fullest. You will have access to online doctor consultations with prescription writing, appointment booking, medical bill review, and much more.

To create your account, check your email inbox for the activation link from HealthJoy. The link is sent to all new hires.

Click HERE to learn how to use your HealthJoy account. You can earn up to 3,000 GoPivot points each year by utilizing HealthJoy’s telemedicine feature.

Learn how to perform an online doctor consultation by clicking HERE.

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