Vision Benefits

The City of Woodstock offers vision insurance for you and your family through EyeMed Vision Care. The health of your eyes is an indicator of your overall health so it’s important to have regular eye exams to detect diseases like glaucoma, diabetes and blindness. So, make sure you and your family visit your vision provider regularly.

The information contained below is an overview of your benefits. If you have specific questions regarding a provider or procedure, please call EyeMed Customer Service at (866) 268-4063 or refer to the EyeMed Vision SPD.

Vision Plan Benefits

Benefits In-Network (EyeMed Providers) Out-of-Network (Non-EyeMed Providers)
Exam (Each Calendar Year) $10 Copay Up to $35
Standard Plastic Lenses(Every 12 Months)
     Single $25 Copay Up to $25
     Bifocal $25 Copay Up to $40
     Trifocal $25 Copay Up to $60
Frames (Every 24 Months) $120 allowance plus 20% off balance over $120 Up to $48
Contact Lenses (Every 12Months) Up to $40 for Contact Lens Fit & Follow-up No Coverage for Fit & Follow-up
     Elective $135 allowance plus 15% off balance over $135 Up to $95
     Medically Necessary Covered at 100% Up to $200
LASIK/PRK Procedures 15% off retail or 5% off promotional pricing No Coverage

Vision Payroll Deductions

Tier of Coverage Rates Per Pay Period (26)
Employee Only $2.58
Employee + 1 $4.89
Family $7.16

Finding Providers

How do you find an EyeMed Vision provider?

It’s easy! There are several ways!!

1. Contact your provider and ask:

“Do you participate in the EyeMed Select Vision Network?”

2. Contact EyeMed at the toll-free number:

(866) 939-3633

3. Visit them on the Internet at: (choose “Select” from the provider locator dropdown box)

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